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How Dhikr Is Performed

1- Get into a calm, peaceful mood before start performing the Dhikr (not loudly, as much as you could hear your own voice).  
2- Better to be alone ideally (when possible).    
3- You have to be in a well-mannered and polite mood, without forgetting in whose presence you are before. 
4- You should have performed ablution (wudu) earlier.
5- There is no spesific time period to perform the dhikr, you can start doing your dhikr whenever you feel most ready to make it, and feel most available within the day. 
6- However, ideally the best times to make the Uwaysi dhikr are either before and after the Morning Salat, and before you go to sleep at nights. Dhikr must be performed twice a day: first in the light of the morning, this means you can make it at any time during the day, and then secondly at the darkness of the night and so that means in the evening or night times. Allah says: “While everyone is in sleep; my servant has mentioned Me as well as my Messenger in the absence of the others” and Allah will love the Dhikr performer a lot. 
How to Perform the Dhikr?
1- Tawba:
  Before you start doing your dikhr, first recite Basmala:        
  “B-ismi-llahi r-ra?mani r-ra?im” and then you must first say: ''Tawba Astaghfirullah'' for 100 times repeatedly (alternatively you can say ‘Astaghfirullah El Azim’ too). 
2- Salawat:
Then without saying any ‘Basmala’, we send Salawats to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) at least for 132 times or more. So you will say; “Allahumme Salli Ala Seyyidina Muhammed” for 132 times repeatedly (or any other Salawats according to your own choice), you can also say more than that repeatedly.  
Why 132? This is because in ebced calculation method; 132 equals to the Ahmad name. Ahmad is the name of our Master Prophet amongst the angels and other Prophets.  
3- Gift Section:
Once you finish saying Salawats, you must then read -11- Surah Al-Ikhlas and -1- Surah Al-Fatihah only (with Basmala before reading all surahs), these numbers are precise, and then send these as a gift to: “My glorious Allah, I would like to give the rewards of the Surahs and Salawats that I have just read to; our beloved Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) mubarak soul, his Ahl al-Bayt, his friends and companions, his high family, to all righteous servants, to Al-Khidr (as) and the derwishes that he loves, to the helping sultans, and hodjas (teachers) teaching us, and to their hodjas, and to all uwaysis, as a gift. Amen. 
Note that, you can also include your own relatives, friends, actually anyone that you love at the final section of the gift.   

4- Tawhid:
Finally, Say 1 Auzu Basmala (A'uzu billahi minashaitanir rajim Bismillahi rahmani Rahim), and then you must recite tawhid, so say; “La Ilahe Illallah”repeatedly at least minimum for 100 times.   
    ***Important; 11 Surah Al-Ikhlas and 1 Fatihah shall not be read after finishing the dhikr, and any other prayers or different dhikrs must not be included or added to the dhikr.
***At the end of dhikr 11 Al-Ikhlaas and 1 Al-Fatihah will not be read...*** 
Is this all? Yes that is all indeed. 
IMPORTANT: You can start doing your dhikr immediately. You don’t need to get any permission from anyone to mention Allah and glorious prophet. 
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